New Owner
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Hello everyone! My name is Joshua and I’ll be running the site from now on. I’m not quite sure why the previous owner left the site. The affiliates will be updated and I’ll install a script to help run those. I will also try and update the gallery soon with missing events if I can find them.

Lana is Coming to 2015 “Ever After” Convention in Rio!
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This is a amazing news to brazilians Evil Regals: Lana is coming to Rio in 2015!

The first OUAT convention in Brazil called “Ever After” will be on Rio de Janeiro in June 27 and 28 and the first guest announcement is to our dearest Lana:

Remebering Lana will be again in Paris, France to Fairy Tales III on June 20 and 21!

Follow all news on twitter @DaydreamBR (for more info about Ever After) and @Xivent (for more info about FT III)!

“Once Upon a Time” Season 4 Premiere
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The new season of “Once Upon a Time” starts only in September 28 on ABC, but last Sunday, 21 the cast and some guests attended the private screening at El Captain Theater in Hollywood.

You can check the biggest post with more than 300 HQ pictures on our gallery. It’s a long way. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: Public Events Part I
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Hello Evil Regals!
We updated the gallery with two latest events Lana attended: “Top Five” Premiere at 2014 TIFF and new HQ pictures at 5th Annual Face Forward Gala, charity event happened yesterday in Los Angeles. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: HQ Photoshoots
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Hello Evil Regals!
The site is delayed in many updates but while not restructured and returned with updates, I would like to share the newest exclusive acquisition, along with our partner Lana Parrilla France.
The gallery has been updated with some old sessions in HQ, including my favorite taken by Lionel Deluy! :D

You can check out the new photos in our gallery. Enjoy!

Happy 37th Birthday, Lana!
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Today is a very special day. 37 years ago, a beautiful girl was born to bring for thousands fans happiness and light with her talent, kindness and charism.
We very proud to follow this beautiful person and artist and wish a Happy Birthday, Lana! We’ll never capable to express in words our admiration and we hope to celebrate for many and many years this special date!

All of our love,
WLP staff.

Lana Attends Barbara Walters Cocktail in NYC
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Hello Evil Regals!
Lana are spending a little time in New York and for this May 14 Lana attended the Barbara Walters Cocktail Reception at Four Seasons Restaurant. As she told on twitter, she was wearing a beautiful Lanvin dress and Chanel shoes.

You can check the pictures of the event on our gallery:

Lana Attends the ABC Upfront in New York
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Hello, everybody!
Yesterday (May 13), Lana attended the ABC’s Upfront event in NYC, branding the new and also renewed shows to fall season of the channel. You can check HQ pictures of the ‘after party’ hosted by Entertainment Weekly on our gallery:

Gallery Update: Missed OUAT’s Stills
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Hello evil regals!
It’s been a long time since our last post. So, I’m here with missed ‘Once Upon a Time’ stills updates, also including behind the scenes. Check out all pictures on our gallery:

Lana’s Interviews Beside OUAT Cast and More
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Hello Evil Regals!
This last friday was a busy day for our dearest Lana Parrilla. To promote the new episodes of ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3, Lana, Josh, Colin and Jennifer gave interviews on ‘Good Morning America’, ‘The View’ and visited SiriusXM studios in NYC:

You can check all pictures, GMA’s screencaptures and candid pics on our gallery: